123 HP Envy Photo 7158

HP Envy Photo 7158

Experience outstanding printing at home with your all new HP Envy Photo 7158. Print, Scan or Copy your documents now anytime from your smartphone or tablet using HP ePrint, Mopria Print Service, or the Wireless Direct Printing or the Apple AirPrint. This all-new HP printer, with its innumerable features, is an energy-efficient and effective solution for all your printing requirements.
Automatic duplex printing, high-quality borderless printing, wireless, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity are some of its major selling features. With the input tray capacity of 125 sheets and output tray capacity of 25 sheets, the HP Envy Photo 7158 prints at a speed of 14 ppm for B/W and 9 ppm for color.
The HP Envy Photo 7158 printer first-time installation and setup is a basic procedure. This includes unboxing the HP Envy 7158 printer, the connecting it to the computer via a wired or WiFi connection. Once the printer is connected, the basic drivers or software for HP Envy 7158 is to be downloaded to your computer from 123.hp.com/setup 7158 .

HP Envy Photo 7158 Setup

Unbox your HP Envy Photo 7158 printer from its box
• Remove all tapes attached to the surface, open the cartridge access door to remove the tapes inside.
• Plug in the power cord to your HP Envy printer and the power supply and turn on the supply.
• Now connect the HP printer to a laptop or a computer via the USB cable provided. For first time set up a Wireless connection is not usually preferred as the connection might be unstable
• Now to remove the tape from the new ink cartridges, pull the tapes upwards while holding the cartridge sideways.
• Open the cartridge access door, place the cartridge inside.
• Once the cartridge is installed, load the input paper tray with paper and wait for the printer to print an alignment page.
• If this does not happen automatically, then print the page manually. Make sure software download from 123.hp.com/envyphoto7158

123 HP Setup 7155


  • Firstly make sure the Printer is within 10 Ft of the computer and your internet router. 
  • Setup up the given ink cartridges and print the alignment page from your printer 
  • Once you have printed the alignment page and completed the initial setup you should reach the home screen of your printer.
  • Now you will see a wireless blue light flashing next to your screen and you will see a wireless button there. Select that.
  • It would take you to a different screen on the printer displaying your printer’s wifi information.
  • Now on the left side bottom of the screen hit on the settings symbol and go to wireless settings.
  • Now you should see an option such as Wireless setup wizard or Wi-Fi Protected setup, select that and once done you will have to choose your home wireless network connection and type in the Wi-Fi password.
  • Once you have selected your Wi-Fi network and entered the password you will get a screen that says connection successful. Now you will be able to print from any mobile device or any device that is connected to the same wireless network.


  • Once the Initial setup is done on your printer connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable that came along with it.
  • Now on your computer run the HP ENVY PHOTO 7158 printer driver and begin the installation.
  • Once the printer is installed on your computer you will get to the connection options.
  • Over there choose the Manual setup and hit the next button.
  • You will find a series of connection option , over there select USB connection and Connect the printer.
  • It will take some time for the printer to completely get installed on your computer , once the drivers are installed a test page will automatically be printed.
  • Now on the home screen of your computer you will have a HP ENVY PHOTO 7158 application which can be used to monitor Ink Levels and also help you to Scan documents from your printer.
  • Download lastest software from 123.hp.com/envyphoto7158 or 123.hp.com/setup 7158

HP Envy Photo 7158 Print/ Scan / Copy

To Print

Use your HP Envy Photo 7158 Printer and print a document from your Windows or Mac computer without hassle.
• Edit the document and set the required font, text size, the layout and change any other print settings as required.
• In the document, select option File and then tap Print to access the general print settings.
• To view more options for the print settings, select Properties or Preferences on your HP Envy 7158 printer.
• Get the best print quality by altering the required print and color settings.
• Once all the changes are made, click OK and then select the Print option.

To Copy

• Place your document into the Automatic Document Feeder or onto the scanner glass.
• Set the copy settings – paper size, paper type, contrast levels, etc. as needed.
• Now from the HP Envy printer’s control panel, click on the option named Copy. Choose the copy type- Document or ID card.
• Select the required number of copies and click the Copy option.
• You can also click the Settings icon to change the advanced copy settings.
• Click the option named Black and then choose between options Black or Color as required for the output copies to be.

To Scan

To scan documents or images from Windows or Mac computer, all you need to do is install the HP Envy Photo 7158 full feature drivers and software onto the computer connected to your printer.
• You can use either a Wired or a Wireless network connection to connect the HP printer to the computer.
• Now place the photo or document to be scanned, on the scanner glass or the document in the Automatic Document Feeder.
• Don’t use the Automatic Document Feeder to scan your photos, as this may damage the photos as well as your printer.

To Print Photos with Your HP Envy Photo 7158

Print excellent photographs using your HP Envy Photo 7158 printer. For the best print quality use the correct paper type and print job settings and print borderless photos with vibrant colors.
• Access the print window and document properties to configure the print job.
• To improve colors, brightness, and other appearance settings, you can edit the photo prior to printing.
• Right-click the photo you would like to print, choose Open with and then tap Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.
• Choose Print or tap File and then click on the Print option. You can view the Print or Print Picture window with general print job settings.
• Access more layout, quality, color and other advanced print settings by opening the HP Envy 7158 printer Document Properties window.
• After changing the required print settings, select OK and then choose Print.

HP Envy Photo 7158 ePrint Setup

ePrint is an advanced feature in HP Envy Photo 7158 Printer that enables the user to print a file from anywhere just by sending a mail to the printer. To activate this, the printer is assigned a unique email ID, and it is later used for ePrint. This feature works only if the HP Envy 7158 printer is connected wirelessly to the network.
The basic setup instructions for HP Envy Photo 7158 printer with Touch display are as follows:
• On your printer Control panel, touch ePrint button: If the icon is not present, touch Web Services Setup à Network setup or Wireless settings to open web services.
• Click print info to obtain the information sheet which contains the email of the printer.
• If there is no email ID present, finds the printer’s claim code and add @hpeprint.com to it.
• The user can use this mail ID to send any file to the printer directly.
If the printer doesn’t have a touchscreen display:
• Print network configuration page or self-test page to obtain the IP address of the printer.
• Enter this IP address in the browser to open the Web services setup page.
• Click Enable or Turn on to enable the ePrint feature.
• Click the Print info page to obtain the email ID of the printer.

HP Envy Photo 7158 Cloud Print Setup

Google cloud print is yet another feature which enables us to print any file from our phones using Google cloud. This works only if the HP Envy Photo 7158 printer is connected to a wireless network. All you will need is a computer running the chrome software or Chromebook and a Google account. This feature is made especially for Windows OS while there is the AirPrint option for iOS. The basic steps for using the Google cloud print are as follows:
• Turn on your HP Envy Photo 7158 printer.
• Open the Chrome browser and go to settings.
• Go to advanced settings and scroll down to Google Cloud Print.
• Click Manage button: If your printer is listed under the New Device, register it, and if it is listed under My Devices, it is already registered and is ready to print.
Once it is registered, you can print documents from your phone, computer and web pages directly.

Troubleshooting the ink cartridges

• Turn on the HP Envy Photo 7158 printer, open the ink cartridge cover and place the cartridge into the slots.
• Turn the printer off for a while and then turn it on.
• Print out a test page. If the error continues then follow the below-mentioned steps.
• Remove the cartridges and clean any dirt or dust on them.
• Now place the cartridge back in the carriage and turn off your HP Envy printer for a minute or so.
• Turn on the printer and try printing a test page. If the error is not fixed then follow the next step.
• Remove both the black and color cartridges.
• The power cord has to be unplugged from the outlet and any cables running to the computer or router from the printer disconnected. Now plug in the power cord and then the cables.
• Open the cartridge access door and install the black and color ink cartridges again.
• Turn on the HP Envy Photo 7158 printer and print a test document. If all these does not correct the error, then new ink cartridges are required for your printer.